New Gear 2023: CrossBreed Holsters ROSE by SIG Sauer Model Modular Holster

If you carry a ROSE by SIG Sauer P365, your EDC rig is about to get more stylish with this coordinating modular holster.

by posted on August 9, 2023
Crossbreed Holsters Sig Rose

One of the most popular firearm announcements of 2023 so far was the SIG Sauer P365-380 Rose—which we reported here. World champion shooter Lena Miculek collaborated with the gun maker to harness her experience, her journey, her bravery, to create the all-new ROSE brand, designed to help encourage and inspire women to take on the responsibility of their own personal safety through education, training and community.

If you were one of the lucky women who now owns this beautiful pistol, you’ll be excited to know that CrossBree­­­d Holsters has teamed up with Lena to develop an exciting new holster series to accompany the SIG Sauer P365-380 ROSE and P365-XL Comp Rose, which merges CrossBreed Holsters' legendary design and manufacturing quality with Lena's eye for detail and practical function. The holster will also be available for sale directly on

Featuring high-grade Kydex that is hand-molded to fit the P365 and P365-XL platforms, a multi-application hook-and-loop backing, and a one-of-a-kind design, the ROSE by SIG Sauer model Modular Holster focuses on durability, versatility and style. Lena's choice to use the Modular Holster is a testament to its utility and performance for the everyday carry practitioner.

One of the most unique features of the holster is its multi-use capability. What exactly does that mean? Well, let us count the ways: It can easily be attached, positioned, and re-positioned to any platform equipped with hook-and-loop, such as fanny packs, backpacks, sling bags, or the wide variety of other off-body carry solutions like CrossBreed's Belly Band 2.0, Bedside Backup, Pac Mat and Purse Defender.

Overall, the ROSE by SIG Sauer Modular Holster is ideal for those who value a more customized approach to their EDC setup that offers the ultimate in adaptability, durability, and beauty.

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