Points of Impact: January 8, 2022

ICYMI: Ladies Pistol Project 4 Results (What Was Your Favorite Gun?), New Year's Resolutions You Won't Mind Keeping ...

by posted on January 8, 2022
Target With Rifle Holes

At the top of our lineup this week sit the results of our Ladies Pistol Project 4 (Houston Edition)! As with the previous LPPs, the objective was to determine how easily women of various ages and hand sizes could operate different handguns. For example, could they reach controls easily—the magazine release, safety and slide stop? How easy would it be to rack the slide, and how did they perceive the recoil on a particular model? Check out which guns were right for the ladies of Houston

It's a new year! Not to get all motivational-speaker on you, but you really can craft a better life for yourself with some effort. It’s easier for some than for others, but we can all take steps to improve our personal safety and quality of life. A safe, clean life doesn’t have to be boring ... consider our 15 tips for safe, clean living here.

Adding a resolution of personal protection or self-defense can also help you reach your goal of living a longer and healthier life. Here’s where membership in the NRA can help. Check out these 5 New Year’s Resolutions all NRA members can make to ensure they are able to continue provide for their own safety!

What many shooters don’t know is that a typical homeowner’s insurance policy has limitations on personal property—that is, everything in a home that’s not part of the home itself. This includes things like jewelry, electronics, art and guns. Coverage varies based on your policy, but most homeowners’ policies put a limit of $2,500 to $5,000 on guns, if that. Are you properly insured

Random acts of violence are just that—random, and being able to defend oneself with a firearm can make all the difference in the outcome. From our 2021 Armed Citizen® library, read about these brave women who were prepared to defend themselves and the lives of their loved ones with our 7 Reasons To Be An Armed Citizen.

Sometimes people really believe these old saws about hunting, sometimes they are just excuses, and sometimes people will say them to get a rise out of others. These are a few that columnist Melissa Bachman has heard that her own experiences have thoroughly disproven—in fact, they actually turned out terrific

In the heat of the moment, you won’t be able to pause a deadly encounter while you run down a checklist to make sure you’re justified in using your firearm or other defensive tool. That said, the time to think about these things is now, while you’re calm and rational, and not in the middle of a self-defense emergency. This is the time to embrace a threat assessment model.

"Let any normally healthy woman who is ordinarily strong screw up her courage and tackle a bucking bronco, and she will find the most fascinating pastime in the field of feminine athletic endeavor. There is nothing to compare, to increase the joy of living, and once accomplished, she'll have more real fun than any pink tea or theater party or ballroom ever yielded.” Read about May Lillie, “the Greatest Lady Horseback-rifle shot of the World," here




Horman MP22 001 Swmp22m Gun Left
Horman MP22 001 Swmp22m Gun Left

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