Points of Impact: July 30, 2022

ICYMI: Concealed Carry Recap; WLF's Fall Arizona Summit; Nominate for NRA's Women's Awards and more ...

by posted on July 30, 2022
NRA WLF 2022 Summit Shotgun

Before we recap our roundup of concealed-carry-themed stories of the past week, we must address a few important reminders. First up is that the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum has announced its 2022 Fall Summit, which will take place at the Mountain Shadows Resort in the desert southwest—Scottsdale, Arizona, Sept. 9-11. If you are one of the millions of new firearms owners, have never attended an NRA event, or are looking for new ways to get involved, the WLF Summit is an excellent place to start. This is a warm, welcoming, women’s-only, weekend-long event where you’ll have fun, be surrounded by new friends and leave inspired to take action in your homes and communities. Learn how to register and book your stay at the special event rate here.

Next, it’s time to nominate deserving candidates for two of NRA’s women-specific awards—the Marion P. Hammer Woman of Distinction Award and the NRA Sybil Ludington Women’s Freedom Award. Who are these women and why does NRA bestow awards in their honor? Be sure to visit these pages for all of the information needed to help you decide on the ideal candidates.

Now, onto the serious business of concealed carry, because it doesn’t get more serious than the responsibilities that extend with the right to carry. As a Marylander who is now benefitting from the recent SCOTUS decision, NRA Women Editor-in-Chief Ann Y. Smith is facing the reality of finally realizing the rights endowed to her by her creator—and it's a little overwhelming. Read Concealed Carry: It’s About the Get Real for more on her transition to firearm freedom.

Want to know more about how Maryland and five other states got to this point? Although it seemed like it happened quickly—and it did, once It finally landed with SCOTUS—learn what comes next from the president of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association in this podcast hosted by America’s 1st Freedom Editor-in-Chief Frank Miniter. 

If you are new to concealed carry, you should know that while you don’t have to change everything about yourself, there’s one area in which you’re likely going to have to make a few adjustments, and that’s your attitude. When you’re carrying a firearm, you must shift your mindset and learn to let go of some trivial annoyances, as columnist Jo Deering explains in Concealed Carriers: Let It Go.

There’s a lot to consider before you carry a gun, but chief among them is the most obvious: Which gun will you carry? If you are having trouble deciding, we offer NRA Women's rundown of 10 new-for-2022 favorite guns suitable for concealed carry. Check them out here.

And even though personal protection is a primary focus for women in their pursuit of the perfect handgun, remember there is another benefit to our Second Amendment rights—and that is the fun and excitement of participating in one of the many shooting sports. In fact, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has designated the month of August National Shooting Sports Month, and invites you to celebrate. Want to know more about the NSSF? Check out this America’s 1st Freedom interview, Shooting Straight with NSSF’s Lawrence Keane



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