Points of Impact: September 3, 2022

ICYMI: Shotguns for Bird Season; the Real Value in Plinking; Peaches in Winter and More ...

by posted on September 3, 2022
Rao Bird Duck Hunt Semi Auto Shotgun

Feeling a bit melancholic at the unofficial end of summer? No need to despair. For most NRA Women the end of summer signals only on thing: the beginning of the 2022 fall hunting season. First up? Birds. From doves, pheasants to all types of waterfowling, shot pellets will be flying mightily around the country in coming months. And now’s the time to start taking inventory for the right gear, particularly your shotgun. As contributor Heidi Rao reminds us in Bird Season Means Shotgun Season, choosing the right shotgun is more than just personal preference.

Speaking of gear, it’s really one of the most fun things about living the outdoors lifestyle–the stuff we are able to accumulate to make our outings more successful or practical. But gear doesn’t always mean the latest and greatest. Columnist Jo Deering shares with us Six Inexpensive Products to Add to Your Pack Before Deer Season that might make give you an edge on a successful outing.

Of course, gear doesn’t end with goods made only for humans. Your four-legged field friends could always use that proverbial leg up, too! For instance, check out these new hunting dog vests from Cuga, which are designed to keep your faithful friend safer and visible while in the field.

Hunting and the outdoors lifestyle go hand-in-hand with being self-reliant, and NRA Women contributor Melissa Bachman is putting into practice what she preaches on this topic by beginning preparations for winter food storage. With the help of her family, it looks like they are set for corn, cherries and peaches! See how they did it here.

And last but not least, competitive shooter and NRA Women contributor Becky Yackley reminds us that even though plinking your .22 pistol or rifle in your backyard might just seem like some of the most fun you can have, plinking sets the foundation for so many of the principles that convert to excellent marksmanship. Read how in The Underrated Value of Plinking.


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