Safe Place Facebook Groups For Outdoorswomen Looking For Their Squad

Looking for a welcoming online community of likeminded outdoorsy women? Here's a good start.

by posted on August 9, 2022
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There are many women who are raised or eventually educated into an outdoors lifestyle under the wing of a father, grandfather, uncle, brother, cousin, spouse or male friend. I am one of them. My dad is the reason I have such a heart for the hunting lands, a fair chase for meat on the table, and common-sense conservation of our natural world. He’s also the reason I have adopted the soft skills you need to hunt, like patience, determination and an overall good sense of humor.

My mother and younger sister had their own set of hobbies that didn’t include hunting when I was growing up, so I just naturally stuck around the guys who did the things I enjoyed. I learned all that I have because of my dad and my uncles, and when I signed up for Facebook while I was still in school, I unsurprisingly found myself joining groups and pages for hunting to add to that part of my life.

But I quickly learned something: There was a kind of rhetoric on the Facebook hunting (and fishing) pages where males unsurprisingly dominated the conversation. Many comments were fairly blunt, condescending and unlike the kind of fatherly advice I received when I learned to hunt. There were, of course, still a handful of men who were very supportive online of women getting into hunting or sharing her hunting successes, but I may go as far as to say a majority of those groups didn’t feel like “safe spaces” like my dad and uncles had provided—as much I like to think I’m tough enough to not need such a space.

More than five years ago, I was lucky to come across a hunting group that was solely for women. Who would’ve known! A place for people like me. I joined. It was refreshing to post a question and receive an outpouring of support and sound advice, and to hear from women who were experiencing similar things in their hunting journeys.

It turns out there are lots of places for people like us in the Facebook world. Women are turning to the internet to grow their outdoors community and empower, mentor, share advice and life experience, and educate one another. And about 99 percent of the time it’s not just about your “trophy kill” or “monster catch”—although, we still like to see those things, too!

If you’re looking for that place online, I have a few suggestions for national Facebook groups you can join as an outdoorsy woman, whether you like hunting, fishing, camping or more. Don’t forget to search for groups that are state- or region-specific to where you live. If you can’t find one, create one! You’ll find your squad.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the online groups out there to join, and I’m sure there are plenty of other safe spaces on different social platforms.

Women who Hunt & Fish
I’ve been a part of this group for the last two years and have posted a handful of times. I’ve received lots of helpful advice from women of all ages and abilities, and they’ve shared their own stories, too. As the name says, this is for huntresses and fisherwomen, but you don’t have to be both to be welcome. It is a private group so you’ll have to ask to join and follow the rules. The admins ask that there be no drama, product pushing or men. Works for me!

Women Hunt Too
Women come together on this page to share hunting stories, advice and fellowship, but they also join together around God, family, fishing, camping, voting, gun rights, America and hard work. It is a public page and not a group, so there are some men that I’ve seen comment, but I’ve never noticed any polarizing conversations. There is also an online store in conjunction with the page where you can buy branded merchandise, look at recipes and read some blogs.

Womens Hunting & Outdoor Community for ReelCamo girl
A spinoff effort from ReelCamo Girl lifestyle brand and community organization, this private group is a compassionate, education-centric space for women and girls to find mentors and be encouraged in their hunting journey. When you ask to join the group, you’ll have to answer whether or not you’re looking for a mentor. I grew up hunting with my dad so I was not in need of one, but I’m sure they’d be helpful in connecting you with one. My favorite part about the group is their awareness of land and wildlife management and ethical, responsible hunts.

Women Hunters
The founder of this group creates products specifically for the female outdoors demographic and does ask for an email when you first sign up for the group, but will avoid spamming you. The group itself is open to any woman looking to improve her hunting, ask questions and brag a little.

Women Hunters Stand Together (Women Only!)
One of the first rules of engagement in this private group is to refrain from bashing and negativity. Sign me up! You’ll also see lots of game cam photos, plans to join hunts with other women on retreats and hunting-inspired family or life events and ideas, such as archery marriage proposals. (Cute!)

Ladies Who Love Hunting and Fishing
This group is a little more lax with the rules, but nonetheless I’ve only seen positive and welcoming posts so far in the group. There are no questions to answer to join, though it is still a private page. Quite a few women here like to promote hunting and fishing trips, products and their own businesses, so it’s not as mentor-focused as other groups, but it’s a good place to find your next favorite hunting or fishing item and brand.

While you’re enjoying your new communities online, be part of the positivity that social media can bring. Join the conversation with helpful comments and uplifting messages, and kindly correct a fellow outdoorswoman if they’re in need of some coaching. It’s all part of the fun of being a true outdoorswoman!




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