Silencer Central Continues to Baffle with New Banish Backcountry

The suppressor maker who revolutionized the way we buy them introduces another winner just in time for backcountry hunting.

by posted on November 4, 2022
Banish Backcountry

If you read the NRA Women columns by prolific huntress Melissa Bachman, it should come as no surprise that she also is a proponent of hunting suppressed, and as such, is an ambassador for Silencer Central, a company that has—pun intended—baffled all of the other suppressor makers by streamlining the buying process. In fact, the process has been made so easy, your Silencer Central suppressor will even be mailed to your front door.

Skeptical? Can't blame you, after all, suppressors are one of the items that fall under the National Firearms Act (still requiring the $200 Federal Tax Stamp), and typically equates to arduous, complicated and slow. While it’s legal to own suppressors in most states, the traditional wait time for approval has been anywhere from eight months to two years. In short, it’s been frustrating and intentionally discouraging to head down the road to suppressor ownership. For a brief summary on how company CEO Brandon Maddox has changed the game for suppressor buying in the United States, watch this video. Basically, the steps are: Choose your suppressor; allow Silencer Central to do the paperwork; wait for it to arrive at your front door.

Back to Melissa Bachman, who has been extolling the virtues of Silencer Central’s Banish line since its introduction, hunting with it (where legal) and even giving a Banish 30 to her father as a Christmas gift (by the way, Silencer Central even sets up a free trust whereby your suppressor can pass down to members of your family). The extremely popular Banish 30’s direct thread fits onto anything from a .17- to a .30-cal. magnum, so just imagine how many firearms onto which it can be threaded. It’s one of the most versatile cans on the market. Melissa also has a Banish 22 for plinking, and has been sporting a Banish 46 for hunting with a dozen other popular calibers.

Now the company has announced the newest member of the Banish line, the Banish Backcountry, another multi-caliber, 100-percent titanium lightweight suppressor, but this one is specifically designed for backcountry hunts, rated for up to .300 RUM. And if you hunt, you know that every ounce you carry matters. We can probably surmise that Melissa is itching to take this one afield, and we look forward to sharing her latest adventures with this new model.

“We took the iconic Banish line a step further with the Banish Backcountry,” said Brandon Maddox. “We’re in the business of creating the most successful suppressors in the industry. It’s no secret that Banish suppressors provide unmatched noise and recoil reduction, and the Backcountry encompasses all that and more.”

Here are the other key features of the Banish Backcountry:

Length: 5.5”
Diameter: 1.6”
Number of Baffles: 6
Weight: 7.8 oz
1.375-24 Universal Mount
Caliber: 30 Cal
Caliber Range: Up to 300 RUM
Direct Thread and Muzzle Brake
Sound Reduction: 30db
MSRP: $1,099

The bottom line is if you are hunting in the great outdoors, whether afield or in the woods, you still need to protect your hearing while reducing your recoil and minimizing your presence. Learn more at


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