10 Unique and Useful Gift Ideas for Hunters

Find out what accomplished hunter Melissa Bachman has on her Christmas list this year!

by posted on December 7, 2021
Bachman With Rifle On Shooting Tripod Afield

This is a compilation of products that I really enjoy and either find useful in the field or use to showcase my harvests. There is a wide range of prices, but these are my absolute favorite items. I feel other hunters would be delighted to find these gifts under the Christmas tree.

Abstract Feather Display
I’m a big turkey hunter, but you can only have so many turkey mounts or fans around the house. Years ago, I found Jeff Fredrick at a tradeshow. He creates the most unique feather abstract art displays I have ever seen. I’ve since purchased six of his pieces and absolutely love them. Fredrick does incredible work; he sells his items on Etsy and you can choose to use your own feathers, or purchase a pre-made piece. He works with various bird feathers like pheasants, ducks, etc. Abstract feather artwork is a unique way to display your love of hunting.

Dave Smith Decoy
For years I’ve had incredible luck rattling and decoying bucks. It’s one of those things that doesn’t work every time, but when it does, they come in on a string. There are tons of options for decoys out there, but the Dave Smith Decoy is my favorite because of its realistic traits. The hair is standing up just like a real buck’s would before a fight, and its ears are pinned back. These two features seal the deal in my opinion, because an angry decoy will not only bring in big bucks, but also hold them. They’re not cheap, but this is a lifetime investment that will bring so much fun and action year after year.

Mr. Buddy Flex Cooker System
For anyone who hunts cold weather states, a heater can be a game changer. It allows you to take the chill out of the air and stay on stand longer. Mr. Buddy recently released a new heater: the Flex cooker. I haven’t tried it yet but it’s on my Christmas list! The new Flex system features a regular heater with the capability of adding a cooker that seamlessly integrates to the normal heater. You can use the cooking grate to heat up water or coffee. Afterall, if you’re sitting on stand, might as well enjoy a hot cup of coffee or cider! On a recent brown bear hunt, I had access to hot drinks while hunting and it was a game changer. The Flex lets you combine two pieces of gear into one. A heater that accompanies a cooker to boils beverages will keep you warm inside and out! 

Boot Insulators
If you or someone you know always has freezing feet while hunting and has seemingly tried every type of warm boot out there; this is the solution. Boot insulators are essentially blankets for your boots! They make a world of difference. I love them for all day sits and they are super easy to stuff in your bag and put on when you arrive on stand. I like to drop some hand warmers in each boot blanket as well to keep them extra toasty. If your feet are completely frozen and numb (as mine have been in the past) you can even take your regular boot off and put your feet right in the boot insulators with the warmers to heat them up fast.

Painted Feather
Whether it’s a buck of a lifetime, huge bull elk or your pet, Nicole Larson can paint their photo on a turkey feather. I’ve had one created of Pork Chop (my dog), my husband’s state record archery elk, a friend’s wedding at Deer Meadows, and even my great-grandfather’s portrait. This year, my pup Ribeye may or may not be getting her own portrait as well! The attention to detail is incredible and although you may be out of time for this Christmas, it’s well worth the wait.

It seems daunting to think about the wait times and paperwork, but Silencer Central has streamlined the process. They help you select what suppressor is best for you, guide you through the paperwork from start to finish (doesn’t take long at all), and then once approved, your suppressor shows up at your front door. I got my dad the Banish 30 last year through Silencer Central because he can use it on all of his guns. It’s a direct thread that goes onto anything from a .17 to a .30 caliber magnum. It’s also made from titanium alloy so it’s super light and can change lengths from either a 7” configuration with six baffles or a 9” suppressor holding eight baffles.

DSG Women’s Hunting Clothes
It's important to have clothes that fit when afield. Clothes that are the right size, warm and water-resistant are crucial to enjoying your hunting experience. DSG Apparel is a women’s clothing company that has tons of options designed by women for women. DSG features everything from ultralight warm-weather gear like the Bexley top and bottom to gear that withstands extreme cold like the Kylie 4.0 bib and jacket. The best part is they offer sizing from XXS-5XL.

Shooting Sticks
Growing up, I never used shooting sticks, but now I wouldn’t go on a hunt without them. My favorite sticks are the BOG death grip and the reason is simple: They’re the most stable and user-friendly sticks on the market. They work for both guns and crossbows and actually lock your gun in place to keep it at the ready. Once it’s time for a shot, you can move it up and down or side to side, but in the meantime, it sits in perfect position. This is great for blinds, turkey hunting, taking kids out or even when you rattle. It allows the hunter to sit back but still be ready and on their gun in a matter of a second with minimal movement.

Rubber Sling
I have rubber slings on most of my guns and even bought one for my camera so it’s more comfortable in the field. They’re not super expensive, but these are one of those products that work even better than expected and the owner will never have to worry about another gun slipping off their shoulder. The idea is that a rubber sling will grip your shoulder and bounce with you as you walk, making it much more comfortable. The sling also splits in half, allowing you to put it cross body freeing both hands. This has turned out to be truly the best sling I’ve ever seen. I bought my dad several for coyote hunting and they are all he uses now

Phone Scope
One of the best ways I’ve found to photograph and video deer, elk or anything from a distance is through a phone scope. It’s a simple cell phone case that goes over your phone and directly attaches to your spotting scope or binoculars. You get to use the glass of your optic as the lens and get an up close and personal view. The best part is that the scope holds the phone steady for a great full picture or video.


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