SLG2 Q2 Report Indicates Strong Growth, Younger Demographic

More than 2,000 took part in Shoot Like a Girl's and Safe LivinG's road show in the first half of 2023.

by posted on July 31, 2023
Slg2 Q2 2023 Report Lede

Some of the most important information we at NRA Women can report on concerns the successes of the many female-centric firearm groups. After all, it’s the leaders and members of these groups—all strong supporters of NRA—who are working hard at the grassroots level performing hands-on training and support for women who want to participate in the shooting sports or hunting.

One of those groups that has stood the test of time is Shoot Like a Girl (now SLG2) which recently expanded its brand to include SafeLivinG. If you’ve ever been to an NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits, or attended a Shoot Like a Girl event at Cabelas’s/Bass Pro, there’s no way you could miss the massive big rig that serves as a traveling range simulator where women are invited in to learn more about firearms, archery and hunting.

SLG2 recently released its 2023 second-quarter report, which highlights the group’s growth (which it calls its “15-Year Expansion Tour”), to include nearly 2,000 signed-in guests. SLG2 was in front of an estimated 90,000 people at its various events across the country; it presented its first ever Excellence in Safety Awards; and hosted two turkey hunts for first-time women hunters.

Images courtesy SLG2

SLG2 Founder and CEO Karen Butler noted in the report that adding a second big rig has given them the flexibility of being at two places at once. “In one weekend we had a total of 543 signed in guests with events in Kansas City and Sunset Hills, Missouri,” said Butler. “It was an honor to be part of the Grand Opening and history at the Bass Pro Shops newest store at Sunset Hills.”

SLG2’s Excellence in Safety Award was created to recognize companies that go the extra mile in creating safe products and promoting safety. This award, presented quarterly, consists of a cut crystal trophy of the Safe LivinG logo that signifies the importance of always reflecting on safety. At the 2023 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Indianapolis, Indiana, SLG2 presented Glock with the 1st Quarter Award; the 2nd Quarter Award was presented to

SLG2 also reports that of the estimated 77,000 attendees to the 2023 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, 569 of them signed into the Shoot Like A Girl experience, with many more experiencing the demo stations and gun bar. 

The 2nd quarter results also show a trend toward a younger demographic, with 60 percent of the guests under age 50. Here’s how the the age range broke down:

3%—17 to 20 years old
6%—21 to 29 years old
13%—30 to 39 years old
19%—40 to 49 years old
28%—50 to 59 years old
31%—60 years old or older

Other notable statistics drawn from the SLG2 survey of participants indicated that 80 percent intend to purchase a firearm as part of their home-defense plan, and 60 percent plan to engage in recreational shooting with a new firearm purchase.

How did most of the survey participants plan to carry their firearm? 40 percent said they planned to concealed carry in a purse, while nearly half—48 perecent—said they would carry concealed with a holster.

Survey results also indicated that 19 percent of guests said their experience at the event helped them develop an improved attitude/opinion of firearms, while 78 percent said they already held a positive attitude towards firearms. One statistic that we love to see is that 31 percent of guests said they recruited other people to try shooting sports since visiting a Shoot Like A Girl event.

There is much more great information packed into the SLG2 quarterly report—including a separate NRA Annual Meetings report—and you can see it all here.

Even better than reading about these results is to join in the fun at one of the SLG2 or SafeLivinG events. The national schedule is included in the report, so be sure to check it out here.


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