Team Federal’s Alysia Burrows Secures Top Spot at 2022 PCSL 2-Gun Championship

The win marks the second in a row for Burrows, who captured the 1st Lady title after returning from a six-month break following surgery.

by posted on November 30, 2022
Federal Alysia Burrows

Congratulations to Team Federal sponsored shooter and brand ambassador Alysia Burrows, who recently took home 1st Lady Practical Division at the 2022 PCSL 2-Gun Championship.

“This was Alysia’s first major match returning to the action shooting sports after a 6-month break taken to recover from rotator cuff surgery immediately after winning 1st Lady in 2-Gun Division at the Superstition Mountain Mystery match this past March,” said Federal’s Marketing Director Brian Anderson. “It doesn’t appear as if she has missed a beat, getting back on the clock and ready to tackle anything the stage throws at her. With this win, she secured the top Lady position in Practical Division for her second year in a row. We congratulate her and everyone on Team Federal for their excellent performances this fall.”

Burrows relies on Federal Syntech Action Pistol 150-gr. 9 mm in her handgun; American Eagle 55-gr. .223 Rem and Federal Premium Gold Medal 69-gr. Sierra MatchKing .223 Rem in her rifles.

“I was excited to get back and shoot at this event. This match is known for attracting some of the best around, and it’s always a privilege to shoot alongside them,” said Burrows. “What really gave me my edge at this match was Syntech. This handgun load has low recoil, but also has strong power to knock down all the large heavy steel. And in a match like this, the long range can make or break your game, the 69-grain .223 Rem. Gold Medal rounds worked fantastically well. It’s nice to have ammo that you can depend on to get the job done.”

Federal ammunition can be found at dealers nationwide or purchased online direct from Federal. For more information, visit


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