The Armed Citizen® August 11, 2023

A woman broke into a home and attacked the homeowner, but the tables were soon turned on her.

by posted on August 11, 2023
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If you tell the truth, you never have to worry about keeping your story straight. That’s what a Pennsylvania woman learned after she was shot in the leg by a homeowner after she broke into her home, allegedly to retrieve her belongings.

The woman reportedly told police that she and the homeowner had a set time to be there to collect her things, but that turned out to not be true. The homeowner reportedly told officers that she was inside the home and heard banging sounds and then a window breaking, and that’s when she retrieved her handgun. When she encountered the unauthorized intruder, she reported being repeatedly struck by a blunt object while the criminal threatened her life. Police later determined the object used to assault her was a floor squeegee with a long handle.

The homeowner, in fear for her life, then fired a round from the gun in self-defense, hitting the intruder in the leg. She then fled to neighbors’ homes, banging on doors for help.

When the intruder was interviewed again time by authorities, she recanted her original account of the incident, admitting she broke out a kitchen window to gain entry, and that the owner of the home did not actually tell her a time to come and retrieve her items, according to police reports. She also admitted attacking the homeowner with the squeegee.

The woman is scheduled to appear before a judge at the Mount Carmel District at a future date. (; Sunbury, Pa., 7/1/23)


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