The Armed Citizen® December 23, 2022

A woman was awakened by the sounds of someone banging on her door, followed by breaking glass.

by posted on December 23, 2022
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A 39-year-old homeowner was awakened by the sounds of someone banging on her door, followed by breaking glass. In fear for her safety, the woman retrieved her gun and went into the living room where she found her girlfriend’s ex-girlfriend, police said. The homeowner fired two shots, hitting her in the right hand. The 34-year-old intruder remained at the scene after the shooting, and was subsequently taken to hospital by ambulance. Reports say the suspect and the homeowner’s girlfriend had previously been involved in an intimate relationship, and that the suspect was upset with the victim. She reportedly told officers while in the ambulance that, “she stole my girlfriend.” The woman was slated to be charged with burglary with intent to commit assault. (; San Antonio, Texas; 12/1/22)

A man who residents of an apartment complex say had been seen loitering in their neighborhood was shot and killed by a woman after he tried to force his way into her apartment. Other adults and an 11-month-old infant were also in the apartment at the time of the incident, which occurred around 3 p.m. The woman told police she heard aggressive banging on her door, and when she opened it, the stranger tried to force his way inside. In fear for her life and of those in her apartment, the woman fired her handgun at the man, fatally wounding him. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Surveillance video showed that the man had been peering into apartment windows just prior to the shooting. The woman was taking to police headquarters for questioning, however authorities said it is unlikely she will face any charges. (; Houston, Texas; 12/7/22)


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