The Armed Citizen® February 11, 2022

Two thugs weren’t expecting an armed clerk and a modern-day “Lassie” to foil their plans to rob a Philadelphia convenience store.

by posted on February 11, 2022
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Two men armed with pistols entered a Philadelphia convenience store and teamed up to target a female clerk working behind the counter. However, the men weren’t expecting a modern-day “Lassie” to foil their plans to rob the store. Surveillance video shows that as the men approached, the store owner’s dog, named Bullet, which was also behind the counter, sensed danger and jumped up on one of the robbers, interrupting their nefarious plans long enough for the store clerk to draw her handgun and fire at them. One one of the thugs returned fire, hitting the woman four times before fleeing the scene. The heroic clerk was taken to the hospital in critical condition, and the store owner claimed she and his dog saved his life. (, Philadelphia, Pa., 02/02/2022)

 A woman and her boyfriend were engaged in a violent argument when the man stormed out. In fear for her safety, the woman locked the doors behind him. But that didn’t deter the boyfriend, as he soon returned and attempted to break in by smashing a window. The woman, who had armed herself, shot the aggressor, fatally wounding him. As of this writing, the woman had not been charged. (, Houston, Texas, 02/06/2022)



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