The Armed Citizen® March 3, 2023

A woman who was being beaten by her husband was able to defend herself with her handgun.

by posted on March 3, 2023
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A woman who had been arguing with her husband left their home to spend the night at a business the couple owned together. But the following morning the husband showed up at the business and began to beat her, threatening to kill her. The woman was armed and, fearing for her life, shot her husband in self-defense, fatally wounding him. The woman then sought help from another local business owner. The man called 9-1-1, and authorities responded to her place of business, where she had returned. The woman was still holding her handgun, and once she let go of it, was taken into custody. Police determined that the shooting was an act of self-defense, and the woman was not charged. (; Roswell, N.M.; 1/24/23)


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