The Armed Citizen® November 11, 2022

A woman who was being pelted with solid objects fired a gun at the assailants in self-defense.

by posted on November 11, 2022
NRA Women The Armed Citizen Drawing A Pistol

A woman who was being struck with solid objects by another woman and a man fired a gun at them in order to protect herself. The male alleged assailant was hit in the chest and taken by ambulance to a hospital; the female alleged assailant was shot in the face and taken by Life Flight to the hospital. The woman who fired the gun also accidentally shot herself in the foot. An investigation determined she had acted in self-defense, thus the DA’s office did not file charges against her. (; Baytown, Texas; 9/20/22)

A Las Vegas woman in her 40s called police just before 9:30 p.m. to report that she had shot her 58-year-old boyfriend in self-defense after he pulled a knife on her during an argument. At the time of the shooting, the woman’s teen daughter was inside the home. The incident is under investigation, but the woman was not taken into custody. (8NewsNow,com; Las Vegas, Nev.; 8/17/22)


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