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ICYMI: IRS Agents and Guns; Top Production USPSA Handguns; Favorite Waist Packs and More ...

by posted on June 19, 2023
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Cleaning Supplies For New Shooters
Having the proper gear can keep new shooters prepared for a wide array of cleaning duties. Check out this complete list of must-have items from our friends at Shooting Illustrated.

So Kamala Harris is the New Gun-Control Spokesperson?
President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are seeking a second term, despite abysmal approval ratings. With that in mind, it’s curious that Biden announced that Harris would be his “leading voice” in addressing what he calls “gun violence.” America’s 1st Freedom breaks it all down.

Why Does the IRS Need So Many Armed Agents
As some IRS agents are armed, our friends at America’s 1st Freedom ask some questions about their guns and training; after all, perspective helps, especially when much of the mainstream media didn’t answer these basic questions when this issue made news.

Top USPSA Production Handguns In 2020
With the ability to use factory guns straight out of the box, the Production division remains the easiest way to get started in action-pistol competition. From Shooting Sports USA, check out the top USPSA Production handguns last year at Nationals according to shooter survey data.

The Pack is Back: 5 Favorite Waist Packs for 2023
If you’re a member of the confirmed “waist not” crowd when it comes to concealed carry, you might change your mind when you see some of today’s modern offerings. In case you missed it check out The Pack is Back: 5 Favorite Waist Packs for 2023.



Deering First Aid Kit
Deering First Aid Kit

Must-Have Items in Your Range First-Aid Kit

You should carry at least a few basic first-aid items in your range bag—and know how to use them.

Gun Proofing Our Kids: Teaching a Gun Safety Mindset

Here are a few tips for teaching youth responsible behavior with and around firearms.

Dilemma: My Kid Has No Interest in Hunting!

You’ve long dreamed of taking your kid hunting with you, but they just aren’t into it. What can you do?

Henry Repeating Arms Donates Hand-Painted Rifles for 8-Year-Old’s Cancer Treatments

The design features the pony that Kaia frequents for rides at a local farm.

New for 2023: Taurus GX4 Carry

How does this pistol compare to its micro-compact sibling?

The Armed Citizen® September 29, 2023

Don't bring electric clippers to a gun fight ... That's what a Texas man learned when he stalked and assaulted his ex-girlfriend inside her own vehicle. 

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