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NRA Women The Armed Citizen Pistol Drawn

The Armed Citizen® Reload May 10, 2024

These past accounts featuring brave armed women deserve a second read.

Why the Gun Safety Rules Overlap

The gun safety rules are redundant and overlapping for a reason.

The Four Words to Use in Condition Orange

When you’re facing a potential threat who is advancing on you, what he does in response to these four words will inform what you do next.


What Does Brandishing a Weapon Mean?

You need to be very careful to only use your concealed-carry firearm as a last resort, or risk running afoul of laws regarding brandishing a weapon.

Do Compensators Make Sense for Defensive Handguns?

This year more 9 mm pistols are available with ported barrels. Are they right for you?

Nock, Nock! Who’s There? Millions of Kids Being Drawn to Archery

Archery programs in schools are known to contribute to improved student concentration, motivation, behavior and school attendance rate. Read more to learn how archery is one of the fastest-growing and safest sports—and how you can help start a program in your child's school.

4 Defensive Handgun Chamberings You Might Not Have Considered

Everyone knows about the 9 mm, .45 ACP and .380. But have you considered one of these other, less common chamberings?


What to Buy Your Gun-Loving Mom for Mother’s Day

Need last-minute ideas for Mom? You won’t go wrong with something off this list.

President Donald J. Trump to Address NRA Members at the 153rd NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

This marks President Trump's ninth address on NRA’s stage, reaffirming his strong commitment to the NRA, the Second Amendment, and the rich American tradition of firearm ownership.

Enter to Win a P365-ROSE Package from SIG Sauer and Women for Gun Rights

Your donation will help to raise funds for the Women for Gun Rights to assist efforts in Second Amendment education and advocacy.

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