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380 Roundup 2023 Lede

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Staccato Ranch

Staccato Announces Opening of Staccato Ranch

Looking for a little luxury while you train and celebrate your firearms freedom? The new Staccato Ranch is one of the largest and most extensive private gun clubs in America.


NRA Statement on Recent DOJ/ATF Final Rule

NRA is already working to use all means available to stop this unlawful rule.

Understanding Barrel Attachments

It's time to make your shooting experience more pleasant with one of the many available accessories.

Smith & Wesson Releases Tennessee Special M&P9 M2.0 and Shield Plus Pistols

In recognition of the company’s historic move to Tennessee, these new handguns display a laser engraved Tri-Star emblem on the barrel.

5 Reasons to Check Out the Rost Martin RM1C 9 mm Pistol

This new compact, striker-fired 9 mm pistol is packed with features at a fair price.

Tenacity: How to Develop It, How to Use It

Being tenacious doesn’t mean you are over-the-top and on edge about everything. It means you’re the person who thinks ahead, asks questions, forms a plan and takes action.

Criminal Strategy: The Unsolicited Promise

A common criminal strategy is over-reassuring. Why does he feel you need reassurance, anyway?

7 Types of Triggers and Their Uses

Without a trigger there would be no way of starting the ignition process in a firearm. Learn about the seven types of triggers on commonly used firearms.

U.S. Shotgun Team Set for 2024 Paris Olympic Games

Eight shotgun athletes have qualified for the Olympic Games Paris 2024 after the conclusion of the U.S. Olympic Trials.

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