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Firearm Self-Sufficiency: Identifying Ammo Issues in .22 Rimfire

The more you use firearms, the more you will encounter “what if” scenarios. Here's what to check for when your .22 rimfire is giving you ammo trouble.

4 Ways to Determine the Chamber of a Firearm

Checking and verifying should be routine before shooting any firearm with which you are not familiar. 

When is the Best Time to Teach Kids About Firearms? 

Responsible gun owners owe it to their children to teach them the safe and proper use of firearms as early as possible in their development.

This is How You Do It: SLG2 and Beretta Take NSSF's +ONE Pledge

Watch what happens when a group of experienced shooters and hunters introduce first-timers to the shooting sports.

4+ Pieces of Gear You Need for Home Butchering

Butchering your own big game at home is rewarding work, but you need at least a few basic tools to get the job done.

Two Ways to Deal With Cross Dominance

Having trouble shooting shotguns because your dominant hand and your dominant eye don’t match up? Here’s what to do.

3 Rifle Techniques to Take From the Bench to the Field

If you are a hunter and want to increase your chance of success in the field, practice these three things regularly.

10 Things to Do With Game Besides Eating the Meat

Want to get more use out of your big game, small game or harvested birds besides just eating the meat?

How to Break In Hunting Boots

New boots? Here’s how to get them comfortably broken in.

What to Consider When Buying a Full-Sized Gun Safe

You have lots of decisions to make when it comes to buying a full-sized gun safe. Here’s what you need to think about.

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