10 Women You Need to Follow on Instagram

These gun gurus are sure to elevate your feed with the spirit of competition, self-defense and the great outdoors.

by posted on January 14, 2022
Becky Yackley Left Side Shooting Rifle
Image courtesy @beckyyackley

Social media isn’t always a friendly place and if you find yourself constantly unfollowing, replace negative accounts with inspirational women dedicated to the shooting sports! Your Instagram feed should be a happy place full of motivation, entertainment and education. Stop scrolling past trolls and start uplifting the female firearm enthusiast community.

Lena Miculek
Not only is Miculek a world champion shooter, but she’s also an avid adventurer with a great sense of humor. Overlanding, archery, hunting, concealed carry, fishing and her adorable dog, Letty, just scratch the surface of her plethora of passions. Miculek’s sparkling personality shines through all of her posts and you’re sure to learn a thing or two along the way. You can keep up with her explorations, training tips and comedic relief by following her @lena_miculek.

Lanny Barnes
She’s a three-time Olympic Biathlete and professional 3-Gun athlete with a love of trick shots, hunting and teaching. Barnes is also a passionate concealed carrier and advocate for other women to carry while exercising for their personal safety. You can watch her shoot moving targets while standing on an exercise ball and other seemingly impossible firing feats by following her on Instagram @lanny_oakley.

Jessie Harrison
Harrison is always putting in work at the range. Her posts feature impressive videos from United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) competitions and insights into the life of a world champion pistol shooter. If you’re looking for range day inspiration, follow her @jessielharrison.

Emily Valentine
Valentine’s Instagram is designed to show other women that you can be stylish and safe with concealed carry style tips. Always fashionable and armed, she consistently features new outfits, tips and best practices for carrying confidently and responsibly. Learn how to concealed carry every day without sacrificing half your wardrobe from @stylemetactical.

Melissa Bachman
Hunter, shooter, wife, mother and writer: all words to describe Melissa Bachman. She also hosts her own television show, Winchester Deadly Passion, where she travels all over tackling hunting challenge after challenge. You’ll find great photos of her hunting harvests, favorite products and beautiful family on her Instagram. An inspirational outdoorswoman like Bachman is sure to improve your social media experience. Find her @melissa_bachman.

Ginny Thrasher
A 2016 air rifle Olympic champion, when she’s not training, Thrasher is making educational videos on the Olympic shooting sports. Her goal is to grow the sport, educate the public and cultivate an appreciation for the skill and commitment Olympic shooters exhibit. If you want to learn how points are calculated, what typical training looks like and how difficult Olympic shooting events really are, follow @ginnythrasher to learn something new.

Britt Longoria
Accomplished huntress and magnificent storyteller, Longoria shows her followers the deeper, primal and instinctual side of hunting. Conservation and philanthropy are at the heart of her hunting journey, driving all of her trips. She not only captures beautiful field photos of her hunts, but also the true feelings behind the experience. If you’re interested in educating yourself about exotic hunting or interested in connecting with Longoria over the ancient and innate gratifications of hunting, follow @brittlongoria.

Kayle Browning
Browning is an Olympic medalist, hunter and instructor. She’s all things shotgun and more! Her account features photos and videos of hunting, trick shots, competitions and, of course, medals. If you’ve ever wondered what the life of an Olympian is like or are interested in being trained by one, give her a follow @usabrowningk.

Becky Yackley
Yackley is the matriarch of an entire family of competitive shooters. She, her husband and her sons compete all over the country. Yackley’s feed features updates on her training and competition schedules as well as tips and tricks for shooters of all skill levels. She has also written many helpful training articles for NRA Women and is sponsored by Winchester, a brand doing everything it can to make the shooting sports safer and more accessible to everyone. Find her on Instagram @beckyyackley and learn her mentorship secrets.

Rei Hoang
A real self-starter, Hoang got into precision rifle shooting without any help from family or friends. She saved up her money and got training and practicing. Now she’s competing in the National Rifle League (NRL) and Extreme Long Range (ELR) as well as reloading her ammo. Her page features photos and videos of her matches and reloading techniques that will motivate you to go after your shooting goals with the same fervor. Follow this dedicated shooter @9_dolls for all things precision rifle.


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