3 Reasons NRA Women Made Our Hearts Swell 3 Sizes in 2021

Here's why we are thankful for you, our NRA Women community.

by posted on November 24, 2021
Thankful Nra Women

Thanksgiving—the time of year we pause to reflect on all in our lives that is good and for which we are grateful, be it family (in my case, a new puppy!), friends, good health, meaningful employment or the abundance of modern conveniences that make our daily lives comfortable. Knowing firsthand that life changes in an instant, I pledged years ago never to take them for granted. I give thanks each night that I am able to pour a hot bubble bath and soak away the stresses of the day. More relevant to our topic, I am grateful that 9 mm ammo is reappearing on the shelves with regularity at closer-to-pre-pandemic prices! And despite the cancellation of the NRA Annual Meetings, I am thankful that we were recently able to complete our 4th Annual Ladies Pistol Project in Houston. We were also able to watch the inspirational women of the NRA Women's Leadership Forum  pivot yet again during the pandemic to hold the first-ever virtual WLF Luncheon & Auction. I am grateful for our main NRA Women sponsors, Smith & Wesson and Winchester Ammo, who continue to believe in our product. I could go on.

So when Executive Editor Wendy LaFever suggested we three editors of NRA Women pen our thoughts on why we are thankful for you, our readers, it made me pause. Not because I couldn’t come up with any reasons; in fact, exactly the opposite. It’s not a question of where to begin, but where to stop. 

If you read on, you'll notice that Assistant Editor Ashley Thess’ perspective on our 2A community is fresh and has evolved noticeably as she approaches her second anniversary with NRA Women. And as an NRA Publications veteran of more than 17 years, Wendy’s succinct, masterful contribution below illustrates how our presence personifies you, our readers. In large part I will let their words speak for our trio.

But I will say that I am grateful that you, our NRA members, guardians of our Second Amendment freedoms, talk the talk and walk the walk. You learn and share and in turn mentor those in your own circles. Without you, we have no NRAWomen.com. When you tell us how you benefitted from something we posted, our collective hearts swell—three sizes! We are all grateful to know we are making a difference in our readers’ lives. It provides concrete meaning and proof that what we are doing matters. And that’s about the most any woman could ask to get from a career that caters to more than a lifestyle, but supports one of our Founding Fathers’ fundamental ideals. To our many authors who share their experience and knowledge so that others may follow—thank you. For supporting NRA—thank you. Our promise to you is to continue to grow this site and offer content that will make you proud to call yourself an NRA Woman. —Ann Y. Smith, Editor in Chief


This year I am thankful for hellish adventures, National Parks and my personal safety. I had a blast at the Whittington Center, kayak fishing and uncovering spooky secrets, but the most exciting part was sharing it all with you! I want to thank our loyal NRA Women readers for following our stories and trusting us to recommend the best outdoor products, guns and gear. Your readership proves that today’s gun owners are committed and responsible women. As we continue to unite and celebrate female firearm enthusiasts, your support strengthens our community. We are at our most powerful when we band together in defense of our freedoms.

When you share an NRA Women article you are educating, entertaining and empowering the women hunters, shooters, anglers, adventurers, instructors and students around you. Your readership means so much to me, but your support of the NRA means the most. When you support the NRA, you’re supporting training, education and pro-2A legislation. We can all be thankful for the NRA’s constant fight for our Second Amendment rights.

Please continue to read, share and support us while we continue to advocate for the Second Amendment with dedication and fervor. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, NRA Women! —Ashley Thess, Assistant Editor


There are many things that make me thankful, but for me, the place where gratitude and awe intersect is any place where NRA Women come together. That’s the place where your courage and your curiosity drove you to learn safe gun handling. It’s the place where, once you were secure, you reached out to teach other women how to take charge of their own safety. It’s the place where you had fun with your friends punching holes in targets. It’s the place where you went looking for a wild-game dinner, and found a new window into your soul.

There’s so much to be thankful for in that place where NRA Women come together. What inspires awe is that you are coming together in this particular time. This last year has been nothing if not challenging. A pandemic still rages, and there are dark rumbles in the economy and the nation’s legislatures. NRA Women had to negotiate ammunition shortages, difficulty finding firearms in stock, ongoing restrictions in gathering sizes, shuttered businesses and more. Yet you faced these challenges with determination, grace and a sense of humor—and you looked fabulous doing it. You were kind and patient with your fellow woman. Dear NRA Women readers: You’re awesome, and in this place and time I’m more thankful than ever to have you. —Wendy LaFever, Executive Editor


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