6 Great Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Gun Owners

Sometimes the best presents simply include your presence!

by posted on December 12, 2022
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Christmas gift-giving isn’t always a page from a fiction novel where we spend days making or searching for the perfect gift. Sometimes, it truly is the thought that counts. Here are a few thoughts to help those with a serious case of overworked brain.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
When you do not have God-like powers to give your loved ones the dream firearm of their choice or the checkbook to support it, consider how you can help them maintain and care for the firearms they already own. For example, storage solutions for walls and to help organize their safes; cleaning supplies and tools; and dehumidifiers are all great options.

Load ‘em Up!
Particularly for the women and girls on your gift list, something to help them maximize and enjoy their range time might be just the item to put under the tree! Whether they are loading pistol magazines or rifle magazines, a loading tool can be a solid gift. The Uplula for pistol is one of the best gifts, as loading against stiff magazine springs can be difficult for some people. And if you’re a secret Santa to a plinker, try a .22 loader for .22 magazines! There are also tools to help you catch the brass and save time picking it up. So loading or unloading, there are gifts you can buy!

Custom Gifts without Custom Prices
If you are really tight on time and budget, think about things as simple as custom labels for ammunition. Maybe your dad is a reloader, or you know someone who constantly forgets that their .22 is in an ammo can. Make a set of custom labels for them. You need to consider caliber, and what the round is used for. Perhaps you want to color-code and ensure that ammo meant for a specific firearm is easily identified. Maybe that means a chart inside the safe with corresponding colors for ammo that goes with certain guns. The options here are only as limited as your imagination. Maybe it’s a two-for type of gift and you can help your dad organize his reloading room and spend time with him.

Maybe your custom gift is for that gun owner who doesn’t like cleaning guns. Make a coupon book and offer to help them. Perhaps they really want a range day and you have been putting it off. Anyone with a printer can create a nice certificate to award their friends and family with a range day.

Here are my top picks that can be purchased right off the shelf in your local gun store, or easily purchased online:

Dehumidifier or packets—Protect your firearms!

UpluLa—Make pew-pew-ing faster and easier!

Rack for magazines—Organize the gun safe

Brass catcher—Save yourself or others the work of picking up brass.

Bench mat— Keep your workbench clean, and prevent small parts from rolling away. Some even have diagrams of your firearm’s parts.

Gun cleaner and universal oil—Protect and clean.

Give the Gift of Time
No matter what sort of gun enthusiast is in your life, you can give a thoughtful gift that will mean something to them. One of the best gifts we gave my dad in the last two years is organizing storage with him and spending time to inventory how much ammo he has and where it all is. The time spent together was more of a gift than anything.


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