6 Podcasts for the Woman Firearm Enthusiast, Hunter or Adventurer

If you’ve never given podcasts the time of day, this list might just change your mind!

by posted on July 15, 2020
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The podcasting boom that has exploded among the Gen X and Millennial demographics in the past few years seems to be here to stay. Podcasts are essentially “radio on demand” for any subject under the sun. With a minimal financial investment and a halfway decent understanding of computers, anyone can dish out a podcast, but it takes a lot of skill and hard work to create a great podcast and sustain it with weekly listeners. A well-researched, intriguing podcast with entertaining and knowledgeable hosts is an awesome find. So we went on a hunt to find the best shooting and hunting podcasts for NRA Women!

The Woman Angler & Adventurer
This podcast focuses on fisherwomen, but other adventurers are also occasionally featured. One example is Serena Juchnowski, an avid shooter and hunter whom you might recognize from her NRA Women article, Living the Outdoor Lifestyle with Type 1 Diabetes, and others she has penned for NRAFamily.com. Another familiar name featured on The Woman Angler to discuss offshore bowfishing is Team Winchester’s Melissa Bachman, who also contributes to NRA Women. Hosts Angie Scott and Barb Carey ask their guests insightful questions enabling them to share riveting personal stories and unique fishing tips. Their goal is to “inspire, empower, connect and catch more fish!” which they accomplish flawlessly through their on-air women power chemistry and contagious passion for fishing. TheWomanAngler.com

The Women’s Gun Show
Carrie Lightfoot, founder of The Well Armed Woman and queen of concealed carry, talks all things firearms with Barbara Baird, editor of The Women’s Outdoor News. They capped the show at 104 episodes, but the information and interviews are still timely and helpful. Plus, it’s totally binge-able! Episodes cover anything from How to Survive a Zombie Attack to concealed carry purses. This show is so fun that you won’t realize you’re learning something new every episode. WomensOutdoorNews.com

Not Your Average Gun Girls
Lipstick, coffee and handguns are only a handful of the topics covered by the Not Your Average Gun Girls. Gorgeous and stylish, Amy Robbins of Alexo Athletica and Emily Valentine of Style Me Tactical aren’t all high heels and makeup. They are intelligent and experienced gun owners who tackle big questions like Do Gun’s Make Women Safer? and heavy topics such as Getting Home Safe. Robbins and Valentine still keep up a light-hearted and entertaining banter, especially when interviewing guests like Team Winchester mom Becky Yackley. She has tips about the STI Staccato C, traveling and baking chocolate eclairs. Yackley is a woman with many hats; she also wrote some of your favorite NRA Women articles like How to Safely Load and Unload Your Guns and We Are Our Own First Responders. NotYourAverageGunGirls.com

Her Inspired Journey
This podcast encompasses nutrition, fitness and hunting. Courtney LeVesque, a lifestyle coach, certified personal trainer and nutritionist, wants to help her listeners achieve their goals in all aspects of life. From 10 Ways to Be More Productive, a no-nonsense guide to taking action, to The Hunt of a Lifetime, the inspiring story of Constance Bradley’s epic bighorn sheep tag, Her Inspired Journey champions women and prioritizes their accomplishments. Incorporating this podcast into your day is sure to brighten your mind space and prepare you for the hunt…or to cook dinner. HerInspiredFitness.com

Marcia Brownlee and co-hosts Maggie Heumann and Becca Aceto interview other outdoorswomen about their experiences and recipes. The Artemis ladies aim to expose more women to nature and encourage female leaders in the outdoors. Wildlife and conservation are big topics on the show so you’ll learn a lot about advocating for lands, waters and animals. The recipes are delicious and the stories are incredible. These knowledgeable hosts will make you laugh and make you cry, but mostly they will inspire you to get outside. Artemis.NWF.org

Reloading Podcast
A group of reloading-loving people talk guns and ammunition. Mike Iselin, Jim Fleming, Jason Trumbo, Sharenda Birts, Travis Buck, Phil Rabalais, Jeremy Rowland and Trevor Furlotte are down to earth pals that discuss the methods, technicalities and supplies for reloading your own ammo. They answer questions, debate techniques and share their opinions. This show has an active Facebook group called the Reloading Room full of informative and friendly posts from fellow listeners. Sharenda Birts is the only woman and newest reloader of the group (with three years of experience under her belt). She brings a lot to the party, with helpful tips and insight. This show is for both passionate reloaders and those interested in getting started. FirearmsRadio.tv

I hope this list makes your commute, road trip or workout a little more enjoyable and educational. In a world where multitasking is a must, podcasts provide an entertaining outlet where you can learn new things, and maybe make new friends. It isn’t hard to find a new group of likeminded people if you follow your new favorite podcast on social media. While surfing the web these days can be a source of stress, particularly with the news sites, the Internet can still bring people together. All of these podcasts can be found online or via your favorite listening service, i.e. Apple Music, Spotify, Stitcher, etc.


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