Color Your CCW World with the Springfield Hellcats' New Palette

The popular micro 9 concealed-carry pistols continue to shine with new colors.

by posted on October 26, 2022
Hellcat Colors Lede

As Springfield Armory’s Hellcat and Hellcat Pro continue to position themselves as some of the most popular micro 9 concealed-carry pistols on the market, they are now shining with new color options.

One set of the color versions are made up of a Hellcat OSP and a Hellcat Pro, featuring a “Burnt Bronze” Cerakote finish on the slide. This is complemented by a low-profile black frame and black controls. The other trio of specialized color versions are made up of a Hellcat, Hellcat OSP and Hellcat Pro. All three variants feature a stainless-steel slide, matched up with a Robin’s Egg Blue frame—and we can't resist the urge to be presumptuous by pointing out the likeness to NRA Women teal!

Of course, the pistols are still available in Black and Desert FDE (as well as stainless two-tone from some distributors), and everything else about the Hellcat models remain the same: The 3″ barreled micro compact Hellcat features a capacity of 11+1 with its patented magazine, and 13+1 with the included extended mag. The Hellcat Pro features a 3.7” barrel and flush-fitting 15-round magazine.

In addition to the standard models, the Hellcat and Hellcat Pro are still offered in an Optical Sight Pistol (OSP) variant, which feature a removable cover plate that allows direct mounting of a micro red dot in the Springfield Micro footprint—for the lowest possible profile. This allows for co-witnessing with the pistol’s U-Dot sight system, made up of a high-visibility Tritium and luminescent front sight paired with a tactical rack U-notch rear.

“These new specialty offerings in the Hellcat line give customers exciting new color options for their CCW needs,” says Phil Rawlings, vice president of sales and LE for Springfield Armory. “From Burnt Bronze to Robin’s Egg Blue, there’s a Hellcat variant that’s just right for your needs.”

Model Nos. and MSRPs are as follows:

Robin’s Egg/Stainless Steel Hellcat 9mm | HC9319REBS | $635
Robin’s Egg/Stainless Steel Hellcat OSP 9mm | HC9319REBSOSP | $663
Robin’s Egg/Stainless Steel Hellcat Pro 9mm | HCP9379REBSOSP | $677
Burnt Bronze/Black Hellcat OSP 9mm | HC9319ZBOSP | $642
Burnt Bronze/Black Hellcat Pro 9mm | HCP9379ZBOSP | $655

See the new specialized color Hellcats here. To see the Hellcat Pro versions, go here.


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