It's Official: Stacy Lyn Harris is The (New) Sporting Chef

Outdoor Channel's favorite wild-game chef, Scott Leysath, passes the torch to the right woman for the job.

by posted on September 21, 2022
New Chef Who Dis (1)

"You brought it home. Now what?" asks The Sporting Chef, echoing the question you've no doubt pondered while regarding your fresh venison, fish or pheasant. Wild game is healthful and, in these times of soaring food prices, a great way to keep protein on the table. It can be every bit as delicious as store-bought, too ... if you know how to prepare it.

Who better to show you than Stacy Lyn Harris? An L.A. native (and by that, she means Lower Alabama), Harris' Southern charm and humor takes center stage as Harris takes the reins as the new host of The Sporting Chef. That's not all that's new; the extremely popular show is moving to Outdoor Channel to center its “Taste of the Wild” block of programming airing at 8:30 p.m. ET on Mondays. 

The quintessential NRA Woman, Harris is a best-selling cookbook author, lawyer, speaker, gardener and mother to seven children. (No, we don't know what her secret is, but we're watching the show avidly in hopes of learning it.) That makes her just about perfect to head a fast-paced cooking show that puts professional chefs, outdoor experts and cookbook authors on the spot to create wild-game masterpiece meals.

Formerly hosted by Scott Leysath, The Sporting Chef is a show designed to help you make the most out of your freshly harvested wild game and fish. Whether cooking at home or in the woods, each week is loaded with information from a cast of characters ranging from award-winning chefs to down home country folks who know their way around a kitchen full of surprises and good old-fashioned deliciousness. Tune in at Outdoor Channel, or check out some recipes on The Sporting Chef's website!


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