Just Go! Tips for Bringing Firearms and Skills Into Your Comfort Zone 

If you want to become better equipped and prepared, whether that means improving the skills you already possess or acquiring new skills, you simply must just start.

by posted on October 24, 2023
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People who want access to tools and skills often wait until it’s too late to begin the process of acquiring them. We have witnessed this in recent history. They wait until it is too late to purchase ammo or firearms, water and emergency supplies; too late for things as simple as toilet paper. Let’s look at a few simple actions you can take to get yourself working and learning outside your comfort zone.

Just Go
If you want to become better equipped and prepared, whether that means improving the skills you already possess or acquiring new skills, you simply must just start. Starting is often the biggest hurdle. It can seem daunting to wade through the legalese of purchasing a firearm, or in some states, just getting a permit. It won’t become less daunting if you wait to start the process until you are desperate for a personal defense tool. JUST GO. Start now.

Read about what it is you are trying to purchase or learn.

Research what is the best tool or training for you.

Go to a local store or range. Connect with local vendors who sell the tools and training you seek. Ask about opportunities in your local community. Ask about classes geared toward women.

Whatever it is that you are trying to do that’s outside your comfort zone, you must start. This is the one place I find the concept of “influencers” a useful tool. When something seems like it’s going to be too much work or too difficult, but you see another person who you can identify with doing those things you want to do or using the tools and skills you would like to have, then it becomes more attainable.

So don’t wait for fate or someone else to help you. Look at people who are doing what you want to do or using the tools you want to use, ask them questions or learn from their story—and just get going.

Take a Friend
Sometimes as adults, it’s easier to tell ourselves “I can’t” when an idea or goal seems too difficult. Maybe you’ve let yourself think that there is a risk of injury or failure. Maybe you don’t have anyone encouraging you and it’s just overwhelming to think about buying a gun or deciding to get training. I’d argue that psyching yourself out is a learned skill, a habit often encouraged by an overly litigious world with too many people who were never encouraged by others to get outside their comfort zone. 

So start by deciding to just go, and then grab a friend to go with you. Maybe that’s someone who is already informed, but maybe it’s someone who is even more hesitant to act because the unknown seems too insurmountable to them. Go be their encouragement and get outside your comfort zone together. 

Sign up for a class—many great organizations and ranges hold classes and events.

Seek out free training opportunities, brand demos, pro staff appearances at facilities. There are enjoyable ways to grow your skills and knowledge base that are not overly costly.

Help a friend navigate permitting or licensing. Take a concealed carry class together.

Reach out to that friend that’s always offered to help you learn about firearms or shooting and say, “I’m ready, let’s go!”

Don’t Stop
When you stop doing things, you’re limiting your potential. If you stop being active, you limit your athletic ability. If you stop using perishable skills, you limit your proficiency. If you stop lifting weights, you stop gaining physical strength and if you stop asking questions, you stop gaining mental strength.

Many adults stop using their potential because they cannot justify the time and money spent on “hobbies” or time away from work and/or family. Take your family with you and teach them that you want to invest in yourself and your family’s safety and potential. Teach your family that you are never done learning and growing and that even someone who has never seen a need for a firearm or had the time to learn to use one still can. Your life and safety, and that of your family, are worth the effort to go, learn, and never stop improving.

Increasing your potential with firearms skills is honestly as easy as dry fire and even time studying videos online from those who share their investments into their own potential. Many adults consider themselves “done,” with no desire to continue to grow. But if you decide that you won’t stop learning, won’t stop inquiring and growing, you will be an asset to yourself, your family, and your community and the concept of “outside my comfort zone” will be translated in your head as “my next challenge.”

If you know someone who can benefit from a little affirmation that they CAN learn and use tools for personal defense and that there is a whole community ready to help them, share this info and take them to the range with you! 


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