Gun Owner Dilemma: How Do I Connect With Other Women Who Shoot?

Feeling like you’re all alone in your own friend group because you’re the only one who is into firearms? How do you find other gun girls?

by posted on December 21, 2022
Ladies On Range

Although women are joining the ranks of gun owners in record numbers, it’s still not unusual to feel like the only gun girl around. Even if your friends own guns, they might not be very passionate or have any desire to talk about guns or hit the range together. If you’re trying to connect with other gun girls, where do you start?

If you’re looking for local friends, start at your favorite range. The bigger and more professional the range, the better (I’m not talking about the self-serve bench-and-berm-in-the-middle-of-nowhere type here). See if they have a ladies’ night, and if they don’t, offer to start one. There’s a good chance they have some female instructors and maybe some classes specifically designed for women. You might not need an introductory-level shooting class, but it would be a excellent place to make friends. You can also meet fellow female shooters just hanging around the clubhouse. Don’t lurk around waiting for anyone, but do make a point to visit the range frequently to up your odds of bumping into women you might connect with. You can also ask around at your local gun-friendly sporting goods store. Are there women who work there?

There are also many organizations who put together women-only shooting and hunting events, including some from NRA Women, if you have the inclination (and sometimes the travel budget). I have a group of women from around the country with whom I get together once a year to take a training course. They are my tribe, because my local female friends just aren’t into guns.

Another smart semi-local option is to join a competitive shooting sport. Whether you like skeet, trap, sporting clays, 3-gun, Steel Challenge, cowboy action shooting, PRS or something else, there are plenty of women participating in competitive shooting, and there are probably at least a few matches being held near you.

Your other option, and the one I’ve had a lot of success with, is to develop some online friendships. There are tons of social media groups and other forums online where women who like guns can gather and discuss issues specific to them. Try searching Facebook or doing an internet search for “gun groups for women” and you’ll find tons of options; include your state if you want a local connection. Because the internet is so wide open, you’ll be able to connect with people all over the country and the world. True, these aren’t likely to be the types of friends you can go grab coffee with, but you might find an excellent place to ask questions and discuss gun-girl topics with women who are as passionate as you are.


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