Outdoors Allie Joins MidwayUSA as Brand Ambassador

Outdoors Allie is a hunter, public lands advocate, and wildlife conservationist.

by posted on February 22, 2023
Outdoors Allie Lede

Brand sponsors are chosen because they deeply personify all that their brand represents. That’s why MidwayUSA is happy to announce that Allie D’Andrea, commonly known as “Outdoors Allie,” has been added to its impressive roster of brand ambassadors.

"This partnership is full circle for me because I've been a fan of Larry Potterfield and MidwayUSA since my journey into the outdoors began,” said Allie. “In fact, I learned how to properly mount a rifle scope thanks to a video that Larry created over a decade ago. MidwayUSA shares my passion for the outdoors, and I'm thrilled to work together to inspire and grow the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts."

Outdoors Allie is a hunter, public lands advocate, and wildlife conservationist. She started documenting and sharing her outdoor adventures on social media in 2015 through the Outdoors Allie channel for the purpose of connecting with likeminded individuals who hunt for their food, and care deeply for wildlife and public land conservation. She is also a co-founder of Artemis, a sportswomen conservation group. On her Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram channels, she shares her hunting, fishing, backpacking adventures, wild game recipes and more.

“There are a ton of Outdoors Allie fans here at the office and, of course, amongst our customers,” said Adam Augustine, vice president eCommerce. “I’m excited to have her representing MidwayUSA, and producing engaging, high-quality content for our customers.”

For more about Outdoors Allie, visit her brand ambassador page: midwayusa.com/brand-ambassadors/outdoors-allie


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