Points of Impact: December 3, 2022

ICYMI: Where the Real Risks Lie, Rookie Hunting Mistakes We All Make ...

by posted on December 3, 2022
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At the top of our lineup this week is an important piece about where the real risk of violence can be found in our lives. Columnist Jo Deering writes, "Statistically speaking, however, attacks by strangers are rare. By far, the greatest threat of violence against women comes from someone the woman knows—usually her romantic partner or a former romantic partner." Even if this article doesn't apply to you directly, chances are you know someone who should read it. Don't miss "What You're Really At Risk From" here.

Next up, another topic near and dear to our ... belts. None of us like having to face the ick of the big-box store or fast-food restaurant bathroom, but sometimes you don’t have a choice. If you’re concealed carrying, particularly on your belt, you’ve got a whole other consideration to deal with. What do you do? Check out our public-restroom tips!

We’re all about training and practice at NRA Women, and we are thrilled to see you to hit the range as often as you’re able. You should feel free to visit your local range or gun club by yourself any time it’s open, but if you’re new to hitting the range alone, you might not realize how much your male friend/boyfriend/husband was unintentionally shielding you from all those times you went together. If you go shooting alone, sooner or later you are bound to bump into these three guys

All handguns are an exercise in compromise, but pocket pistols more so than most. Historically speaking, to make semi-automatic pistols small enough to be stowed in pants, jacket and even vest pockets, required a good deal of sacrifice in regards to features, ammunition capacity and cartridge size. Reviewer B. Gil Horman examines the five ways Ruger's LCP "fixes" pocket pistol problems.

For anyone who wasn’t born into a family that hunts, finding their way into hunting is kind of a lucky accident, and they’ll lack all of that passed-down wisdom and have to play catch-up. If you came to hunting as an adult or it’s something you discovered on your own with no one to teach you, you’d be smart to avoid these common mistakes that many of us “just know” or were taught at a young age.

Choosing the right ammunition can be overwhelming and intimidating to a new firearm owner. Manufacturers produce a variety of different types of ammunition, each varying by load, projectile weight, velocity and charge. Knowing which type of ammo is right for your firearm depends on what you intend to shoot. Don't miss our rules of ammo safety (and tips to select the right ammunition) here!

We’ve all done it: played an impromptu game of Tetris when trying to pack a handgun, extra mags and a box or two of ammo in one lock box or soft zippered gun bag. If there’s foam, we remove it to accommodate the extra items, or for soft cases, we force zip them in the same manner we overpack a suitcase. Here's how Hornady's Dual Lock Box solves that problem.

When it comes to concealed carry, new gun owners may discover that there's some conflicting information out there. As Editor-in- Chief Ann Y. Smith writes, "As for whose information to trust, sometimes that takes experimentation too. Experts are experts for a reason. Essentially, they’ve perfected their craft or science enough to share with others. Ironically, the people I tend to trust usually aren’t the ones who post blogs boasting about how much they know. It is the experts who claim not to know everything who draw me in." Find out what we mean when we say "Trust But Verify."


Smith Wesson Jerry Miculek Revolver
Smith Wesson Jerry Miculek Revolver

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ROSE by SIG Sauer to Host ROSE Boutique with Lena Miculek at NRA Show

The boutique will feature a ROSE branded pop-up store, an exclusive meet and greet with Lena Miculek, complimentary refreshments, a guided tour of the complete ROSE by SIG Sauer collection and Q&As with on-site product experts.

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