Points of Impact: December 5, 2020

Just in case you missed it, we've bulleted some items of gun news you can use!

by posted on December 5, 2020
Target With Rifle Holes

This week, the chill winds of December send us indoors to plan for both the holidays, and for the challenges to come in 2021. If you’re a shooter who prefers to plink and practice outside, no doubt you find winter weather something of a deterrent to your range time. You can keep your skills sharp at an indoor range, though…and even if you’re not a fan of shooting inside, you can find the best indoor range for you with this simple guide from Maureen Sangiorgio.

That is, of course, if you can find ammunition! Although manufacturers are working night and day to churn out as much ammo as possible—and if you keep an eye out, you can score some—it appears that the ammunition shortage is likely to last deep into 2021. Why, how long will it last, and who to blame? American Rifleman’s Guy Sagi is on the case.

If you’re hanging on to the ammunition you have for right now (and we can’t blame you), there’s another way to safely keep your skills honed. If you have already read about practicing your draw through dry-fire practice, you might be looking for more skills to practice at home. Another easy skill to work on by dry firing is the magazine change. Whether you want to learn this for concealed carry or competition, there are many common principles that apply to both. Contributor Becky Yackley has what you need to know to get through “Ammogeddon.”

Whether or not your barrel is smoking, chances are quite good that your credit cards are! “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” have come and gone, and it seems that the gun-buying boom continues. In fact, Black Friday saw over 186,000 background checks conducted for the purchase of firearms, the fourth highest single-day total in history. The entire holiday weekend saw more than 417,000 checks, according to new data from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

Are you completely stuck on what to give your loved ones this year? How about skipping the gifts (and the inevitable returns) and taking your friends and family on an awesome, shooting-friendly resort vacation? You’ll make memories that will last forever…and there aren’t going to be lines two hours long to enjoy them. Click here for a rundown on some fabulous luxury vacation spots for NRA Women!

“After watching Tyler for a couple of years, Adrienne, 11 at the time and very small and petite, asked me if she could try shooting,” her father said. “I let her know that I would gladly support her in the sport if she was able to hold and steady an air rifle. Adrienne got into position, shouldered the rifle and shouted, ‘See Daddy I can do it!’ as the muzzle slowly dropped to the ground.” Things have changed a lot in the last four years—our friends at NRA Family detail how this 15-year-old competitor is taking the shooting sports by storm…quietly

Adrienne isn’t the only young woman aiming for the top podium in the shooting sports—15-year-old Bowtech Pro Shooter Paige Pearce has been making waves in the archery world for years, and this year is no different, despite the challenges COVID-19 has brought to the sport. After scores in the top three at every national event this season, she is returning to Team USA for the 12th year in a row. May the odds be ever in her favor

Last, but not least, we’re reminded that the 2020 elections aren’t over. As both of Georgia’s elections for the U.S. Senate head toward a January runoff election, it’s important to look at where the remaining candidates stand on your Right to Keep and Bear Arms. As neither candidate reached the 50% threshold Georgia requires to win the seat, the runoff election will now be held on January 5, 2021. Georgians need to show up en masse to make their voices heard in this election, as well as in the race between Sen. David Perdue (R) and Jon Ossoff (D). These elections are absolutely critical toward defending our freedom. Click here for the full rundown.




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Deering Competitive Shootinglena Miculek 12

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