Points of Impact: February 12, 2022

ICYMI: Great American Outdoor Show, Scariest Wildlife Encounters, Why You Can't (or Shouldn't) Cant ...

by posted on February 12, 2022
Target With Rifle Holes

At the top of our lineup this week is an ongoing event (at the time of this writing), the Great American Outdoor Show! The NRA kicked off the 2022 Great American Outdoor Show with a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday night at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Open to the public, the show will run from Saturday, February 5 to Sunday, February 13. For details and directions, go here

The Great American Outdoor Show has always been a family event, and it's certainly true that there have always been more women present than at traditional "gun shows." After all, the Great American Outdoor Show includes entire exhibit halls given over to everything outdoors, including boating, fishing, camping, hunting and more. So, what's there for NRA Women at the Great American Outdoor Show? Everything! From concealed-carry seminars, to guns and gear designed for women, to items suitable for anyone regardless of age or gender, visit us in Harrisburg!

As a professional hunter, columnist Melissa Bachman doesn't scare easy, but when you're face to face with a predator, your instincts take over. She's hunted a lot of different animals in a lot of different places, but these encounters still stick with her. Dangerous creatures are part of the job description, and keeping calm under pressure is the only way to survive a close call with one of these magnificently lethal animals

Jaguar in tree

When teaching a new shooter, instructors often see inconsistent shot placement. At first glance, everything looks right. The shooter is following all the fundamentals but he or she cannot hit where they are aiming. Students may lose confidence and get frustrated, but maybe they can’t hit their target because they just cant! No, we didn't miss an apostrophe; here's why "cant" can sometimes turn to "can't."

To steel or not to steel? That is the question. I am referring to steel shot. In 1991 the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) required the use of non-toxic shot for the taking of migratory waterfowl. One common version of non-toxic shot is steel shot. So, to steel or not to steel?

woman firing handgun

Anticipation can be a great thing and sometimes yield a wonderful reward: a child awaiting Santa; a championship sporting event; or even ketchup as it slowly makes its way down a bottle. But on the pistol range, anticipation means something else entirely, and can often result in a target that leaves you scratching your head in bewilderment as to what might have gone wrong. Wait for it ... wait for it ... 

There is an incorrect contemporary belief that cleaning your firearms isn’t necessary. In almost every class contributor Heidi Lyn Rao teaches there are at least one or two younger students who insist that gun cleaning is not important. They further state that their guns shoot better, the dirtier they are. I have even heard from students that you only need to get your pistol “sonic cleaned” once a year! Let's not lose the art of gun cleaning

Pyramyd Air has kicked off its Sick of COVID Challenge to encourage customers to enjoy trigger time with loved ones while getting out some pent-up pandemic frustration. Customers can receive a free (plus shipping) set of Sick of COVID stickers and targets and enter to win exclusive prize packages by sharing how they enjoy their trigger therapy after a long two years of Rona talk! Learn more here.



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