Points of Impact: July 16, 2022

ICYMI: Great New Gear, Anne Mauro's Magic, What Only Hunters Know ...

by posted on July 16, 2022
Anne Mauro Cheek Mount

Meet Anne Mauro. Mauro claims she’s five foot two inches, generously allowing herself a slight bit of extra height, but admitting to the white lie. "What’s a quarter of an inch amongst friends?" she posed. Mauro is a giant, having designed the Syren shotgun for Ceasar Guerini and the F16 Intution for Blaser, who holds either and both with grace, wisdom and experience. Here's how a 5/2" giant schooled two veteran clays shooters

Speaking of industry giants, you don't have to be one in order to judge which suppressors work best for your hunting strategy (but it sure doesn't hurt). As a hunter, NRA Women columnist, shooter and the star of Winchester Deadly Passion, Melissa Bachman knows these muzzle devices will absolutely change your experience of hunting and shooting for the better. Of course, not all suppressors are created alike, and Bachman's zeroed in on the one she likes best.  

The unofficial mantra of July is “It’s gonna be a hot one,” and this summer is proving no different. Daytime temperatures make exercising at dusk and dawn tempting, but that’s also the time when we’re often most concerned about armed self-defense. Carrying concealed while exercising can be a challenge, but CrossBreed Holsters has just announced a hot one of its own: the Modular Belly Band 2.0 ...

tactical pillow yes you read that right

Now here's some truly innovative gear to bolster your home defense: the RTS bulletproof pillow. Wait, bulletproof pillow? That's what our friends at American Rifleman said, and naturally they had to get their hands on one and take it down to the range for some ballistic testing. Naturally, they filmed it ... and naturally, you want to watch.

Heritage Manufacturing introduced the Barkeep .22 single-action revolver in 2021, representing the smallest of the Rough Rider series. The Barkeep, initially offered in three different grip options, was an instant hit with consumers, and which piqued our interest enough to review the guns here. Now firearms distributor Davidson’s has partnered again with Heritage Manufacturing to produce another exclusive model, and boy is it pretty ...

Shooting competition season continues apace with more wins for women competitive shooters! Team Lapua’s Allison Zane secured the victory at the June 2022 Penn-Ohio Precision Rifle Club Northeast Regional Precision Rifle Series competition with a score of 89, also giving her the High Lady and High Junior titles. This regional match, the fifth of eight in the 2022 PRS Northeast Regional series, was held in Kennerdell, Pennsylvania, on June 11. Read more here!

Yes, there are referees and umpires in hunting—we call them wildlife officers or game wardens—but they are relatively few compared to the vast number of hunters, and those law enforcement officers can’t be everywhere at once. So, obeying hunting’s rules and regulations becomes a matter of personal ethics. Will you or won’t you follow them when no one is looking? The answer is hunting's best-kept secret.



Nra Logo 5
Nra Logo 5

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