Points of Impact: July 23, 2022

ICYMI: Concealed Carry Gets Real, Ending Gun Phobia, What Hunting Licenses Really Mean ...

by posted on July 23, 2022
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This week, your friends at NRA Women are opening up about our own journeys in the world of guns and hunting ... because everyone has to start somewhere, and that includes us. Editor in Chief Ann Smith begins with a dilemma that ought to be familiar to new gun owners everywhere, and that is the eternal question, "What to wear?" Writes Smith, "It is ironic that while I have pushed out to our audience countless articles on CCW gear, firearm training and the concealed-carry mindset, this aspect of daily life has eluded me. You see, I live in one of the six states that has long had a stranglehold on its citizens’ right to self-protection. But no more." Concealed Carry is about to get real!

Here's some more hot tea: Executive Editor Wendy LaFever stands in the smoke-filled room and says, "Hello, my name is Wendy L. and I am an acrophobic. That's why I empathize with women who are afraid of guns, even as I wish they weren't." Fear serves a good and valuable service in our lives; it's an ancient and highly effective survival mechanism. The trouble is that, much like an immune system can go awry and start attacking the body it should protect, fear can go awry and turn into an enemy within. When it does that, we call it a phobia. Who's afraid of guns

Associate Editor Ashley Thess had never hunted before she joined us, but she's been making up for lost time. Just like many new hunters, she initially found the licensing and permitting process confusing ... but here's a rundown on the common permits, practices and licenses you may need before you head out into the woods and fields to harvest wild game meat.

Even NRA Women columnist Becky Yackley fails sometimes; we all do, because we're human. The question is whether you let that failure define you, or whether it drives you harder. Yackley explains how she looks at growth through the shooting sports while talking about the side of competition many people don’t want to think about ... failure. Here's how to turn a bad day on the range into being a better shooter.

NRA's own Dr. Joe Logar recently received a query from a person whose physical challenges include hypermobility—which is an abnormal range of motion—and upper-body muscle weakness. The good news is that although everyone’s physical challenge is unique, we can offer some general tips to help you adapt to your abilities. Dr. Joe gives the rundown of first principles and equipment recommendations that will clear your path to gun safety and handling.

If you're an "old hand" at shooting, chances are you've thought about mentoring someone new. If you have ever brought someone who has never fired a gun before to the range, you know it can be intimidating. It is a big responsibility, both for the person shooting and the person helping them learn. Columnist Becky Yackley shares a few ways to ensure enjoyment, and most of all, safety!

There's nothing worse than not having the right tool at hand when life's little emergencies happen. Whether it's having a pump to put enough air in your tire to get you to the nearest service station, or a pocketknife to save you from an outdoor mishap, the tools you have on hand for daily fixes can mean the difference between continuing on with your task at hand, or being stuck until help has arrived. Here are five handy tools for DIY gunsmithing.

Did you know that July 29 is National Chicken Wing Day? (We didn’t.) There’s very little as American as chicken wings; after all, the most famous variety hails from Buffalo, New York. If you want to make them even more American, you can substitute American wild game birds instead of chicken. If you want to be more American than Betsy Ross’ flag, you can use wild game birds you harvested yourself. Here are some recipes we can't wait to try ...


NRA Women The Armed Citizen Shooting A Pistol
NRA Women The Armed Citizen Shooting A Pistol

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