Points of Impact: October 15, 2022

ICYMI: In Defense of Off-Body Carry; Spooky Stories; Love Those Lever-Actions and more ...

by posted on October 15, 2022
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It’s always great to start a weekly recap with some positive news reported by NRA-ILA regarding gun-control efforts from within our borders and beyond. You may remember that last August, Brady—an American gun control organization—teamed up with the government of Mexico to sue various companies within the U.S. firearms industry, seeking to hold them responsible for the violent acts of narco-terrorists south of the U.S. border. Thankfully, for now, the Brady/Mexico gambit has failed. On Sept. 30, the judge presiding over the case dismissed every count in its entirety.

As we’ve been reminding you, our Second Amendment rights are on the ballot on every election, including this November. America’s 1stFreedom outlines the “toss-up” races that will decide the U.S. Senate. Beyond what they have reported, go to NRAPVF.org to learn which candidates stand for freedom.

For topics that directly affect our NRA Women audience, Editor-in-Chief Ann Y. Smith reminds our readers that you are in a “no-judgement zone” when it comes to your preferred method of concealed carry. She enlists the help of three seasoned industry women to drive home the point that whether your choice is on- or off body (or a combination of both), the main factor is to become proficient in each and follow gun safety rules. 

On this site we regularly hammer home the need for regular dry-fire practice, and now we have proof of why it’s so important. Contributor Becky Yackley tells us What Neuroscience Confirms about Dry Fire Practice, which is that when we perform a skill under pressure, we revert to what we have practiced.

If you are a certified firearm trainer, you know that common training phrases are bantered about without much consideration to their actual meaning. NRA Women contributor Heidi Rao implores you to Watch Those Cliches as you are educating the next generation of Second Amendment supporters. 

When Heidi’s not in the classroom or on the range teaching students, she is no doubt embarking on her next outdoor adventure—but you can bet it is anything but conventional! This time we find her with a group of adventurous women as they head out in the darkness to bowhunt fish!

For more traditional fall hunting, columnist Jo Deering offers a helping hand in your pursuit of whitetails in 3 Ways to Hunt Deer, while B. Gil Horman provides insight into whether Modern Lever-Action Rifles Make Sense for Home Defense.

And finally, our third season of our October Spooky Series continues to make you sleep with the lights on! The latest entry has Executive Editor Wendy LaFever sharing the mystery of The Bennington Triangle, and wondering what it is about this little corner of Vermont that seems to swallow hikers whole.





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