Points of Impact: September 24, 2022

ICYMI: Big Trend Toward Small Guns; Range Bag Deep Dive; Why You Won't Kill a Big Deer and more ...

by posted on September 24, 2022
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Did you know that through self-imposed fees and excise taxes, sportsmen and women have raised more than $57 billion—that’s more than $100,000 every 30 minutes being raised for conservation? That is why NRA Women is proud to celebrate National Hunting & Fishing Day! The fourth Saturday of every September has been designated NHFD, which recognizes generations of sportsmen and women for their contributions to the conservation of our nation’s rich sporting heritage and natural resources. See more ways to celebrate here.

In fact, a considerable percentage of NRA Women participate in hunting, thus we strive to provide content that will accommodate all levels of experience, whether you have no idea where to begin, or if you are a seasoned outdoorswoman. For example, this week columnist Jo Deering sparks our curiosity with 5 Reasons Why You Won’t Kill a Big Deer This Fall

But going hunting for the first time can be intimidating, especially so if you’re the only woman in the group. That’s why Shoot Like A Girl, in partnership with Beretta USA, is launching its latest giveaway: the Hunt Like A Girl waterfowl hunt. Created to help ease new hunters into the sport in a safe, supportive, informative environment. Get all the details here.

Beyond spending time in the great outdoors, the majority of our audience is composed of gun owners simply looking to exercise their Second Amendment rights and contribute to 2A advocacy. Along with NRA Women, other women-led groups are putting forth great effort to ensure lawmakers hear us. For example, the DC Project returned to Capitol Hill last week, with 51 delegates representing 48 states meeting with legislators from both sides of the aisle, advocating that gun rights are human rights.

There are many other credible women making everyday headway for women in terms of guns and gear. Meet three superstars in this new video from Langdon Tactical.  

Speaking of gear, new data has corroborated what we have been reporting since 2020: The trend toward micro 9 mm pistols is here to stay, with 25 percent of semi-automatic pistols being shipped to distributors in 2022 being micro nines. At least some of this is being attributed to the fact that there are more new women gun owners than ever. Read The Big Trend Toward Small.

Did we say small guns? How about as small as a credit card? If you don't believe us, read our full review of the Trailblazer LifeCard by contributor B. Gil Horman.

One thing that might not get smaller the more you become involved with the shooting sports hobby is your range bag. In fact, the more you go the range, the more you might want to make sure the bag has an expandable waistband ...  Watch as we take a deep dive into the range bags of three seasoned pros.

Finally, the most serious part of gun ownership is safety. NRA’s three rules of firearm safety are geared toward eliminating negligent discharge (ND) or, at the very least, putting that unwanted round safely into the berm. An ND is a sign that you need to get back to basics or seek more training. That said, our friends at NRA Family identify some common scenarios that are most likely to produce a negligent discharge.


NRA Women The Armed Citizen Shooting A Pistol
NRA Women The Armed Citizen Shooting A Pistol

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