Team Krieghoff Ladies Win Gold at 2022 FITASC

Karen Shedd, Shelby Moon and Madison Sharpe took on the world as a team—and won big by an impressive 21 targets over Australia.

by posted on July 25, 2022
Team Krieghoff Fitasc Gold Lede
Lady Krieghoff shooters Karen Shedd, Shelby Moon and Madison Sharpe
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NRA Women congratulates the women of Team Krieghoff for their commanding win at the 2022 World FITASC competition. After individually dominating in every Sporting Clays event held on American soil this year, Lady Krieghoff shooters Karen Shedd, Shelby Moon and Madison Sharpe took on the world as a team—and won big. The three top lady contenders won the Lady Team Gold by an impressive 21 targets over Australia.

The three drew inspiration from each other as they faced record-breaking heat, steep treks to each peg, and tough competition from around the globe. They fought hard through the beautiful but challenging course shooting off of cliffs and over vineyards on squads with competitors from around the world they had never met before.

For Karen Shedd, Captain of the NSCA Lady All-American First Team, the World FITASC represented only her second time competing overseas. After battling a few travel challenges that cut into her practice time, Karen set her focus on winning and helped bring home the Lady Team Gold. “It was an honor to compete in Italy for the 2022 World FITASC as part of the Lady’s Team for the USA. It’s always enjoyable to shoot in intense competition and new places,” said Karen. “I was happy to be a part of an amazing team with Madison and Shelby and walk away with the Team Gold Medal!”

Shelby Moon has worked relentlessly for the past four years to achieve her goal of competing on a world stage—and she made her first appearance a memorable one. “Competing on the world stage representing your country is one of the highest honors in this sport,” she reflected. “I thoroughly enjoyed meeting competitors from all over the world that have the same love for this sport as I do.”

Madison Sharpe emerged as a top contender in Sporting Clays this year and proved herself as a champion who can post a top performance on any course. Madison won the Lady Silver Medal with an impressive score of 178 before joining Karen and Shelby on the Lady Team podium. “It was an honor to represent Team USA on a worldwide platform with Shelby and Karen to win a Gold Medal in Italy. It will always be one of my favorite memories with these talented ladies”, shared Madison.”

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