The Armed Citizen® January 20, 2023

A woman ordered a would-be pickup truck thief to his knees, where he remained until police arrived.

by posted on January 20, 2023
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A would-be pickup truck thief had his plans thwarted after an observant neighbor alerted the truck’s owner of the potential crime in progress. The suspect had been seen standing beside the Ford F-150 around 7 a.m., then attempting to enter it. The truck's owner then called out for her mother, who interrupted her shower in progress to respond to her daughter—but not before securing her personal protection Smith & Wesson 9 mm pistol. When she got outside, the man was inside the truck with the door closed. She ordered him out of the truck and to get on his knees. The man complied, and remained in position until police arrived. The man was arrested and charged with vandalism, damaging property, tampering and entering a vehicle, and breaking and entering an auto, and was held without bond. According to reports, records indicate the intruder has been arrested before for similar offenses. (; Warren County, Va.; 12/6/22)


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