The Armed Citizen® October 21, 2022

An intruder was brazen enough to try to steal a woman's property—but take her dog? Not so fast.

by posted on October 21, 2022
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A 29-year-old woman was awakened at about 5:45 a.m. by banging on her front door. When she went to investigate, she discovered a man attempting to abscond with some of her property—including her dog. The woman ordered the man to leave, but he refused. Fearing for her life and in defense of her property, the woman fired at the intruder multiple times. The man, 20, fled and was discovered 200 yards from the home with gunshot injuries to his lower right leg, as well as a superficial gunshot wound to his right side. The man was taken to the hospital and released a few hours later, then charged with first degree burglary and possession of stolen property. His bond was set at $75,000. Sheriff’s reports confirmed that the man was not known to the homeowner. The suspect’s car was subsequently seized while investigators awaited a search warrant. (, Dunn, N.C., 10/5/22)

An Oklahoma woman was attacked and raped in her home by a man against whom she had a protective order. After the assault, she was able to grab a gun and shoot her attacker. Fearing for her life, the woman ran from the home and then called police to report the shooting. Responding officers discovered the man at her house, suffering from a gunshot wound to his foot. He was taken to the hospital, released and booked into the Tulsa County jail, where he was charged with rape by force or fear after former conviction of a felony, and violation of a protective order. His bond was set at $250,000. (, Tulsa, Okla., 10/3/22)


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