Top 5 Pistol Drills to Sharpen Your Pistol Skills

What are the five best ways to practice shooting for accuracy and speed? GUNSMARTS' Julie Golob shares her top picks!

posted on September 9, 2022

Let's face it: The vast majority of us don't have time to go to the range as often as we'd like, and most of us can't afford to feed our concealed-carry pistols a case of ammunition at a time. Dry practice and laser training can really help bridge the "training gap," but in the end there's no substitute for the real operation of a firearm. So what's the best way to maximize your time and money on the range? Pistol drills, of course!

There are hundreds of drills out there, but nobody knows better than Julie Golob which ones will prepare you for real-world scenarios. She's a world-renowned champion shooter, Smith & Wesson brand ambassador and a strong Second Amendment advocate, so she's a busy woman with plenty of skill to spare (and share). In this video from Smith & Wesson's GUNSMARTS series, Golob walks you through the five pistol drills that she knows will bring you "up to speed" as quickly as possible.


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