We Love It: THAW Rechargeable Hand Warmers

There's nothing like freezing fingers to put your outdoor adventure on ice ...

by posted on October 24, 2022
Thaw Rechargeable Handwarmers Lede

Show of hands: Who among us hasn't been made miserable on what should have been an amazing cold-weather outing by freezing-cold phalanges? The science is in, and it confirms what we outdoors women have known forever, which is that women really do have colder hands than men. That means we're already at a bit of a biological disadvantage when we're braving winter weather. Throw in the immobility of stand hunting, and you've got a recipe for hands too cold and numb to be of any use to you. That's why we're excited to try THAW's new rechargeable hand warmers.

We've had our days and our fingers saved too many times by traditional chemically activated hand warmers to say an ill word about them. That said, it is a tad annoying that you can't limit and restart the reaction to conserve the heat. That heat energy is lost when walking indoors from outdoors, even if it’s just for a moment. It's also a little sad that, once used, chemical handwarmers have to go in the trash.

THAW's rechargeable hand warmers solve both of those problems neatly. There are two sizes, large and small, and they charge from a USB-C. You can even use them as power banks for any other electronics that might be with you on a cold day.

These hot new handwarmers offer double-sided heating with memory recall, so you can get your handwarmer right back to where you wanted it after turning it off. There are three different power settings: The small hand warmer can heat up to 10 hours on low at 46C/114F, while the large hand warmer can heat up to 17 hours on low at 46C/114F. (Medium heat is 127F, while high is 140 ... that's toasty indeed!) MSRP $29.99 - 39.99; thaw.acgbrands.com




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