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Nra Law Enforcement Grant

NRA Announces New Law Enforcement Grant Program to Support Range Development

This program is intended for new law enforcement ranges, or for maintenance, security, and upgrades of existing law enforcement firearms training ranges.

11 Fun Off-Season Hunts to Keep You Busy Year-Round

Do you experience that post-season let down once the fall hunting season is over? Melissa Bachman has some suggestions for you to keep the excitement going.

When is the Best Time to Teach Kids About Firearms? 

Responsible gun owners owe it to their children to teach them the safe and proper use of firearms as early as possible in their development.

How to Spot and Stop Stalking Before It Starts

As far too many women know, romantic persistence can sometimes cross the line into stalking. How do you stop this before it goes too far?

Criminal Strategy: Too Many Details

If someone who gives you weird vibes is oversharing, beware.

Criminal Strategy: Labeling

This particular criminal strategy is a relatively easy one to spot, but it’s also easy to fall into if you don’t recognize what you’re hearing.

Criminal Strategy: Charm

If you’re in a transition zone and encounter someone who’s overly nice for seemingly no reason, be careful.

This is How You Do It: SLG2 and Beretta Take NSSF's +ONE Pledge

Watch what happens when a group of experienced shooters and hunters introduce first-timers to the shooting sports.

Criminal Strategy: Forced Teaming

If someone who gives you weird vibes is acting oddly chummy, beware: This is a common criminal strategy.

Women for Gun Rights’ State Directors Graduate from 2024 Ambassador Academy

The Ambassador Academy provided a platform for this group of women to refine their Second Amendment advocacy skills.

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