Points of Impact: October 24, 2020

Just in case you missed it, we’ve bulleted some items of gun news you can use!

by posted on October 24, 2020
Target With Rifle Holes

This week, we start our lineup with a subject very near and dear to our hearts—both metaphorically and physically. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the firearms industry has come through for this worthy cause in a very big way. One of the easiest ways to support breast cancer awareness is to spend your money on supplies you would have purchased anyway, so the seller can donate some of the sales proceeds. We have three from this week alone: Here’s a cool AR upper from Bear Creek Arsenal; here are Federal Premium’s target shotshells; and here’s Hornady’s Critical Defense Lite.

Sad news: To the great disappointment of tens of thousands of sportsmen and women, COVID-related governmental restrictions in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will prevent the 2021 Great American Outdoor Show from being held as scheduled on February 6-14, 2021. Read about what happened and our future plans here.

The trail to self-determination, self-defense and firearms freedom was not blazed by a single woman or group of women—it was created by thousands of everyday women just like you. We’re saluting these “Trailblazers Next Door” with our ongoing series focusing on the NRA Women who made things just a little bit easier for all the women who have or will follow. Meet Hanne Brantner!

Speaking of self-determination, self-defense and firearms freedom, it’s no exaggeration to say that all three are at stake in this critical 2020 election. If you’ve ever wondered what is in store for all American gun owners should the Biden/Harris ticket take the Oval Office, wonder no more. As our friends at America’s 1st Freedom report, anti-gun Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) has a plan all laid out, and it’s even worse than you think.

There’s still time to support NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) in its critical efforts during the 2020 elections…and, what’s more, when you do, one of seven Second Amendment-supporting companies will match your donation. With gratitude to Kimber, Lipsey’s, Rock Island Auction Company, SIG SAUER, KelTec, Taurus and Gallery of Guns, you can double your impact by donating today. Here’s how.

Carrying concealed in cold weather presents its own special set of challenges for women. Although we can rely on heavy layers and jackets to keep our holstered defensive gun hidden, those same heavy layers and jackets can make it hard to reach in an emergency. This can be even more complicated by the way the average woman’s wardrobe functions. Here are our top cold-weather CCW tips.

When we tell our children a Christmas story, it's always infused with our dreams of Christmas morning past, both fulfilled and unfulfilled. Daisy Outdoor Products, makers of the iconic Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun, has been making those Christmas dreams come true for over 100 years. Now, the company is offering a limited chance to put that very special Christmas Dream Red Ryder under your tree this year. (Hey, it’s better than a leg lamp!)

“The best way to win a gunfight is to not be in a gunfight.” Too many people just don’t pay enough attention to what is going on around them. And then, in many cases, they may see it but not understand what is happening. This is the reason that so many criminal attacks seem to occur at such close range. In most cases, if the citizen were more observant and understood what was being seen, the criminal would never get that close. Here’s what our friends at Shooting Illustrated recommend doing to boost your situational awareness.

Speaking of keeping your eyes peeled, it’s peak anti-gun-group watching season! Our friends at NRA-ILA have spotted a new one, and of course it’s disguised as a group of real gun owners. Anti-gun advocates attempting to create a “new” organization that attempts to disguise its gun control agenda is nothing new, of course. Giffords, as well as many other anti-gun groups, have a long history of rebranding themselves in order to deceive Americans. Who are they, and what are they up to this time? Click here to find out.



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