Points of Impact: September 17, 2022

ICYMI: Jerry Miculek Secrets; How to Handle a Game Warden; Baited Fields Explained and more ...

by posted on September 17, 2022
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To kick off this week’s roundup of Second Amendment news, we’d like to bring to light the latest alarming and blatant attempt by gun control advocates to create a national gun registry—and that is through your credit card companies. In June, Amalgamated Bank petitioned the International Organization for Standardization to create a new firearm specific Merchant Category Code specific to firearm and ammunition retailers. If fully implemented by the various payment processors, the hope of gun control groups for this new MCC is that it would create a registry of gun owners that they have long sought, giving them another tool to attack lawful gun owners when firearms are used in crime. Our friends in NRA-ILA are keeping close tabs on this story. Read all the details here.

And remember, we are only weeks away from the 2022 mid-term elections, and as we know, elections have consequences. Be sure to have your lineup of pro-2A candidates with you when you head to the polls in November. To help you keep it all straight, NRA’s Political Victory Fund (PVF) has posted candidates’ ratings and NRA endorsements.

Remember, it’s those 2A rights that your NRA has worked so hard to protect. Just ask champion shooter Becky Yackley, who has some great advice on how to create good concealed carry habits—which you’ll rely on if you are ever called upon to defend yourself or a love one.

Speaking of self-defense, most think of handguns or pump-action shotguns as their tool of choice. But what about the .22 Long Rifle, which millions of Americans have in their collections. Have you ever considered it a home-defense gun? Contributor B. Gil Horman explains why you can consider it a viable option.  

Columnist Jo Deering defines the two basic types of human predators and how to tell the difference, and why you sometimes need to handle them in different ways.

In outdoor news, we congratulate NRA Women’s Leadership Forum Executive Committee member Marsha Petrie Sue on her well-deserved appointment to the Arizona Game and Fish Commission.

Contributor Heidi Rao offers some invaluable advice as you head afield for game this fall. Recently she reminded us of important do’s and don’ts when bird hunting, including to never hunt over a baited field. But what exactly constitutes a baited field? You’ll never be confused again after reading her article. And of course, if you hunt, it’s bound to happen: You look up and there stands the game warden. Heidi has five tips to make your encounter with the game warden go smoothly!

And last but not least, we welcome a new shooter just starting her climb up the ladder of success by joining Team Remington—Danyela D’Angelo—while on the highest rung of that ladder stands the legendary Jerry Miculek, who lets us in on the secret to what sets a competition rifle apart from a "regular" AR-15.


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