Unique Gifts for 5 Types of Gun Owners

It’s nearly Christmas and you've procrastinated. Fortunately your friends and family love firearms! Here are some ideas for gifts for different types of firearm owners.

by posted on December 14, 2022
Yackley Upgraded Gifts

It’s nearly Christmas and you are a terrible procrastinator … but, fortunately your friends and family love firearms! Here are some ideas for gifts for different types of firearm owners.

The Seldom Shoots
Register them for a local match or range day that you will attend with them. Arrange any required gear and ammo and maybe make it a gift basket with a coupon for the range day.

The AR Builder
Upgrades for ARs are about the easiest thing to find, but don’t get lost! Here are some items every AR owner should have:

A new hand guard that is suited to their purpose (slimmer, more attachment options, long range)

The Pistol Junkie
While pistols and the optional gadgets vary by make and model, there are a few things that are easy to buy if you can get just a few details about the pistol owned by the person you are buying for.

The Reloader
While people who reload do have very specific needs, there are a few things they can always use more of.

The Long Range Shooter
Long range shooting requires some very specific items to play their game.

  • Shooting bags. There are large, extra-large, sticky, shmedium, small squeeze bags…you cna never have enough bags if you shoot long range or PRS.
  • Tripod
  • Bipod
  • Range card holder to attach to your rifle
  • Dry fire tools
  • Extra-long gun case (You’ll want to look for at least 50” or base it off measurements of the gun.)
  • Long range shooting and reloading books

I come from a large family, and the one thing that can make buying for a gun enthusiast fun is that you can get your siblings or friends to all be a part of putting together just the right mix of upgrades for the gun nut in your life. The possibilities are only limited by your understanding of what they need to enjoy their firearms.


Horman MP22 001 Swmp22m Gun Left
Horman MP22 001 Swmp22m Gun Left

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